Behaviour support is about giving positive individualized strategies for those people with disability. This is especially for those people who are engaging challenging behaviours. Challenging behaviours are usually defined as any sort of behaviour that puts them or those around them at risk. It may lead to poor quality of life. Moreover, these behaviours can will impact their ability to engage in everyday activities. With excellent services, Pulse4life is the leading NDIS service provider in Melbourne.

Challenging behaviours are commonly non-compliance, aggression, self-injury, and absconding, but not limited to this. With the individualized strategies, also known as positive behaviour can supportthe individuals. It will include preventative and reactive strategies that are responsive to the person’s behaviour. This includes the need for the use of any kind of restrictive practices, that is helping the person to develop different skills. This must be done so that they no longer need their challenging behaviour to have their needs met. Pulse4life is a best behaviour support provider in East Melbourne giving best services. It is not just about behaviour management, but also skill development,also learning to communicate, to manage emotions and much more.

How Behaviour Support Helps?

With the behaviour support, we focus on evidence-based strategies and also person-centred supports. It will address the needs of the person with disability. It will consider the underlying causes of behaviours of concern, along with safeguarding the dignity and quality of life of the person who require a behaviour support. Pulse4life is the leading NDIS service provider in Victoria to give excellent behaviour support services. With a good experience in the field and offering excellent services, Pulse4life have become popular across Australia.

How is Behaviour Support Funded by the NDIS?

Many NDIS participants are receiving fund in different support categories in their NDIS plans. Capacity Building Category is one among them. Behaviour support services comes in this capacity building – improved relationships category. The sub categories included in this are:

  • Behaviour Management Plan
  • Specialist Behaviour Supports

A participant will receive funding in one or both subcategories. A Behaviour Support Plan will be developed which incorporates these recommendations by the family. It can be done by careers and also implementing providers. Behaviour Management Plan is used to support implementation and monitor the plans effectiveness. Pulse4life is the best NDIS provider in Melbourne with excellent team of practitioners and service providers.