Personal Care in Victoria

Caring for the disabled has become a vital component of a society. People who are both family members as well as professionally trained people are engaged in taking care of the disabled. But to give the best quality care that they need, to assist them in their day to day activities, always a trained professional is the best person to choose. Pulse For Life provides the best personal care in Victoria. Our dedicated and trained team are our backbone who bring out the best within a person. The following are some of the many personal care services that we offer:


Our experts give assistance to the disabled people. These people will either be suffering from physical handicap, or they have mental disorders such as problems in dressing, bathing, and preparing food. These groups of people also include people who are intellectually challenged, and those who are suffering from diseases such as dementia. 

Domestic tasks:

Our personal care includes providing assistance with the day-to-day household activities such as cleaning, vacuuming, doing the dishes, laundry, shopping, budgeting and many more. Pulse For Life’s domestic care in Melbourne is well-known as all the assistance you require to complete the domestic chores will be provided by us. 

Increased quality of life:

Everyone aims to lead a meaningful life. Through our personalised care, we give additional support so that our client can improve the quality of life from the previous state in which he/she was leading until then. It sometimes starts from simple daily exercises in order to increase the mobility of the clients. We also train them mentally by giving crosswords and other exercises. By keeping their mind engaged with certain tasks will enable them to lead a more satisfying life. Our personal care worker in Melbourne is well trained to identify the discouraging factors in our clients and try to uplift them in every sense. The right kind of motivation will also help them to have a positive approach to life. 


Spending a considerable amount of time with a person will naturally create a unique bond between them. The caretaker will turn out to be a trusted friend and companion who can give valuable opinion and assistance. They can even turn out to be someone whom the client trusts the most. This special bonding is seen among our team and the clients. Being the top NDIS service provider in Victoria, our aim is to keep our clients as comfortable as possible.

Greater Independence

Our personal care is extended to include training our clients to be independent. We guide them and provide instruction to complete the tasks without the assistance of anyone. They can even be pushed to engage in some kind of employment. Other training includes guiding them to successfully carry out their daily routines, teaching them to take care of themselves as they grow older, etc.

Medical Care

An important function that our professional ensures is administering medicines on time. They will know everything about that medicine and the time the client should take medicine. They will keep themselves updated about the new medical information. They can also check your pulse, pressure and temperature.