Life can be an incredible adventure, but sometimes we all need a change. People who suffer from disability challenges need additional care and support to thrive in such an environment where they find difficulties in completing even their daily tasks in life. For individuals with disabilities in Melbourne, the availability of Short Term Accommodation becomes crucial. This service, provided by Pulse for Life, offers valuable NDIS support, catering to the specific needs of those requiring temporary housing solutions in Melbourne. As an NDIS service provider in Melbourne, Pulse for Life ensures that individuals with disabilities have access to the necessary resources and assistance to enhance their quality of life.

What is Short-Term Accommodation?

Short-term accommodation offers a unique living experience with added benefits, including funding and support services, especially for disabled individuals. The reasons for choosing short-term accommodation are as diverse as the individuals we support at Pulse for Life. Our Supported Independent Living in Melbourne offers a well-deserved rest ensuring individuals with disabilities receive the support they need in a comfortable and stimulating environment. We provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals to practice independence skills. This helps to navigate unfamiliar surroundings or manage daily tasks like grocery shopping, driving, or cooking.

A change of place and new experiences with new people fosters social connection. Short-term accommodations allow individuals to explore new places, meet new people, and participate in activities that might not be readily accessible in their usual surroundings.

Your Partner in Short-Term Accommodation

Our team personalizes plans for you. We offer diverse short-term stays in Melbourne. As an NDIS provider, we ensure quality life for disabled individuals by providing essential resources and assistance.
Our commitment goes beyond simply providing a place to stay. We offer a range of support services, including:

  • Assistance with daily living tasks
  • Transport coordination
  • Social outings and activities
  • Assistance with communication and social interaction


If you are about to explore Short Term Accommodation, Pulse for Life is here to help you at any time. We offer a free consultation where you can discuss your needs and aspirations in detail so that we can arrange living conditions and design the living plan according to your concerns. We also provide a team of experienced and qualified support workers who are trained in disability behavior management and committed to creating a positive and empowering experience. We are dedicated to creating a personalized plan that allows you to experience a change of living, build independence, and discover the possibilities that life has to offer. At Pulse for Life, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to live a fulfilling and enriching life, regardless of their abilities.