Dementia is problem related to mind which is most associated with advanced aging. The incidence of dementia is increased exponentially between the ages of 65 and 90 years. It doubles approximately every 5 years. This incidence doesn’t mean that dementia only occurs in older people. There are people in their 40s and 50s who are diagnosed with dementia. Occasionally, there are people in their 30s also getting dementia. When it occurs this way, it is known as the early onset of dementia. Pulse For Life is one of the top NDIS providers in Melbourne to give excellent care for dementia.

Even though there are different causes for the early onset of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of such disease. Recent studies show that there are several people that too around 30,000 people living with early onset of dementia. Recognizing the signs and symptoms of dementia and early diagnosis of the disease can help the patient up to an extent.

Symptoms of Dementia

There is a wide range of symptoms for dementia. No matter what the age is, the symptoms are the same. Pulse For Life is the best NDIS service provider in Melbourne to provide excellent service for those people with disability. The common symptoms of dementia include:

  • Confusion, which is a major symptom of dementia.
  • Memory loss – There will be memory loss that interferes with daily life. This will include forgetting of important dates or events. Sometimes, the person will ask for the same questions over and over.
  • Difficulty in performance – There can be difficulty in performing usual tasks. It could be like driving to the shops, writing down something, etc.
  • Distance in relationships – There will be withdrawing from family and friends.
  • Losing ability to judge – The person will lose the ability to think clearly and thereby it will be difficult to make judgments.
  • Language problems – This could be like calling a familiar object with the wrong name.
  • Changes in behavior – It could be like becoming easily upset, anxious, confused, or depressed.

How we Help Dementia Patients?

The early onset of dementia in a person will show several challenges and difficulties. Our NDIS can provide access to support for helping the participants to live well and also to stay healthy. Pulse For Life by giving access to the best supported independent living in Victoria is popular in giving NDIS related services. The services provided will include everyday tasks like showering and dressing, cooking and cleaning, medication, gardening and home maintenance, shopping, and more.