Short term accommodation (STA), including the respite care, will allow NDIS participants and their carers in taking a break. They will get a break and change of scenery which will give them a positive mental as well as physical impact. Short term accommodation services are not meant for holidays. The NDIS will fund for STA when there is a need for this with your disability. Pulse for Life is the leading NDIS service provider in Melbourne to serve disabled people with the best care and support.

How do we take Decisions Regarding Short Term Accommodation?

When we think of choosing short term accommodation, there are different things that come to our mind. For funding by the NDIS, there are certain criteria that needs to be met.

  • Is the need for short term accommodation related to your disability.
  • Will it help in pursuing your goals.
  • Can it help you to participate in the community.
  • It’s value for money.
  • What all or how much support is provided by your family and other informal supports are providing.

Pulse for Life is a leading NDIS service provider in Victoria to provide excellent services for the disabled. We are inclined to lift our clients and give them an independent and comfortable living. Short-term accommodation (STA) is usually funded when your family or informal support can support you for longer. It will be given when you might not need as much support in the future and is helping you to maintain functional capacity. You will get a preference for short term accommodation services when it helps you to do more activities and will increase your independence.

How Does Short Term Accommodation Help in Pursuing Your Goals?

There is no doubt that things get better with Pulse for Life disability support services. We have the best and most well-trained team capable to provide excellent disability related services. With this excellence, we have achieved a number of satisfied clients across Melbourne and also in other parts of Australia. It is important to understand that, short term accommodation services will help you better in participating in the community. It can support you in pursuing your goals. Pulse for Life is a disability support provider in providing domestic help in Melbourne. In short term accommodation services, there might be something that will improve you. There will be activities to increase your independence and also to build your skills. More importantly, it will also result in carers having a break. Pulse for Life is giving you the best options with short term accommodation services. These options will help you to decide what is most suitable for you and your well-being.