Wondering what is special with our group/centre based activities? We encourage and promote such activities to inculcate a sense of belongingness. The activities provided by us help people to find out their potentials and feel confident to face the society. Empowering them through group activities is the first step we take towards inculcating happiness in our participants. Connecting with people rejuvenates them and enables people to develop a positive outlook in their lives. Due to our commendable group activities, we became the best in the field.Pulse4life being the leading NDIS service provider in Melbourne helps people to feel inclusive in the society.  Group/ centre based activities provided by us are as follows:

Social Activities

We provide the best social activities. Helping participants to take part in recreational and social activities enable them to meet new people and build meaningful relationships. Participants are encouraged to meet people and collaborate with them for various small activities. Everyone likes to live a normal life. We help in achieving the satisfaction of leading a meaningful life.


One of our interesting group activities is games. Participants are given training by our staff to play certain games. Games act as icebreaking sessions and promote conversation. It also boost their motivation. Competing ensure that the participants are physically active. The safety and well-being of the participants is our priority. We provide 24 hour high intensity nursing care in Melbourne. One of the games is focused in revealing the similarities among the participants. Standing in a circle, the participants make certain statements about themselves. Other participants who share some similarities with these statements link arms, finally forming a chain.

Community Building Activities

The activities designed by Pulse4life foster belongingness among the participants. The community building activities such as monthly meals, collages, and news letters are given focus by our organization. Monthly meals are a wonderful way of bringing people together. Sharing their life stories, gossips and news connect our participants. Similarly, collage making increases their creativity and gives them an opportunity to showcase their creative skills. Newsletters keep them updated and informed about various happenings. All these promote healthy relationships among the participants.


Disability is an opportunity to explore. We provide the best volunteering platforms to inculcate a sense of doing something fruitful. It helps participants to connect to the community and also with other members. Activities such as raising funds, cleaning the surroundings and neighborhood, engaging in making handmade products etc., not only provide our participants with satisfaction but improves the team spirit, create a sense of pride and results in greater bonding with society.

Lifestyle challenges

Focusing on self-improvement is our main goal. By creating opportunities for self-improvement, we aim to boost the confidence and morale of our participants. Saying goodbye to our daily habits is a rather difficult objective to achieve. As a first step to this challenge, we encourage our participants to drink more water and to exercise daily. Gradually the participants are encouraged to inculcate reading habit, learn a new language and so on. By motivating and acknowledging the efforts, we observe great improvement in our participants. Offering the best group/centre activities, we provide the top supported independent living in Victoria.